One work, one stamp: Lignes de vie

In connection with the issue of the “Ligne de vie" (lifeline) stamp, the Musée de La Poste welcomes the sculpture by Prune Nourry which constituted its matrix. The work will hang in the entrance hall of the museum until July 1, 2024.

The "Lignes de vie" installation in the museum hall
Thierry Débonnaire pour le Musée de La Poste

Born in 1985, graduate of the École Boulle, Prune Nourry works with many materials such as earth, wood, bronze and glass. Sculpture is the backbone of her work, around which she creates ephemeral performances, films and installations.

Collaboration with specialists, craftsmen and scientists nourishes its process. The artist particularly questions the notions of balance and healing in his work, as through his project Catharsis (2019).


See with hands

In 2021, with "Projet Phenix", she reconnects with the tradition of portraiture and the intimacy between the artist and her model, by inviting eight blind people to pose in her studio. Blindfolded, without ever seeing them, Prune Nourry sets out to create their busts in the ground, through touch and listening. During the posing sessions, she records their story and takes photos of their hands, whose life lines also symbolize the story.

This project arises from a very personal experience. To treat cancer, she resorts to chemotherapy, one of the possible side effects of which is the loss of touch, an essential sense for her.

This film presents the artistic process adopted for the "Projet Phenix". It is enriched with testimonies from blind models, and can be viewed with your eyes closed. It is also subtitled for the hearing impaired.


A sculpture stamp

For the stamp, Prune Nourry chose as a model a student from INJA-Louis Braille, Aïcha. In connection with the work of a sculptor and the symbol of touch, its tone is in volume. Aïcha's hand is embossed and the names are in Braille. White like the plaster casts, this stamp shows us that we can see beyond the eyes and travel through touch. Drawn on a palm or on a letter, the lines (re)link us, our correspondences leave traces, an imprint.

This film, accessible to the blind and hard of hearing, presents the entire creative process that led to the creation of the “Life Line” sculpture stamp.

 Stamp block and "Ligne de vie" stamp