Visite guidée en anglais de l’exposition temporaire (guided tour in English)

A tour guide reveals all the artistic, historical and sporting facets of the Marathon, la course du messager exhibition.

  • 27 juillet 2024, 11:15 - 12:45
  • 10 août 2024, 11:15 - 12:45
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The marathon, as an Olympic discipline, is inspired by the legend of the first marathon runner, Philippides, the starting point of the exhibition. This nod to current events owes nothing to chance. Labeled Cultural Olympiad by Paris 2024, this exhibition is committed to bringing the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to life, beyond the sporting events, through a most original perspective!

Messengers such as Philippides are, in a way, the ancestors of postmen. This legend carries within it the values ​​that will be at the heart of the history of postal mail: dedication, speed and efficiency!

Throughout the exhibition, athletes and postmen will be in the spotlight: from marathon runner Philippidès to Olympic champions Alain Mimoun and Boughéra El Ouafi, without forgetting the famous Postman Horse.

Those who are less sporty can rest assured, it is not a long-distance race that the Musée de La Poste is offering them, but an intellectual, emotional and artistic stroll around the race and its constantly evolving message. Through the 160 works and media that make it up: film extracts, posters and newspapers, sporting objects, texts, comic strips and other graphic races, the public will be invited to explore the different spaces of the exhibition, evocation of the twists and turns of the message, in order to discover the multiple facets of the race and the messenger.

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